Welcome to The 58º North Photography blog

Welcome to The 58º North Photography blog. I’m Rachel, a photographer living on the Isle of Lewis, and working throughout the Outer Hebrides. I started this blog, at the beginning of 2017, to document my life as a photographer in this remote Scottish archipelago; with its powder white beaches and Atlantic waves, dark moorland and rugged mountains, amazing wildlife and a rich and vibrant culture, the Outer Hebrides is a unique place to live and photograph. 2017 marks ten years of me living in this wild and wonderful place.

After many years as a landscape and travel photographer (with the occasional dabble in event and commercial photography), 2016 was quite a year for me as a photographer, mostly due to me starting wedding photography – something I said I’d never do! I suppose the time was just right though; I was feeling more confident as a photographer, I had found a camera kit that I loved and was comfortable with, and, the big one, people kept asking me to take their wedding photographs, so I knew I was doing something right with my photography! Since then I’ve worked with some great couples, and found I’ve enjoyed wedding photography much more than I thought I would. Landscape and travel photography will always be my main loves, but wedding photography is something completely different and keeps me learning and trying new things.

2017 looks like it’s going to be an interesting year as well, plans are forming for a new studio, gallery and workshop space for 58º North Photography, I’ve got a few wedding bookings already, and I’ve got plans to travel to Amsterdam, Mexico, Jersey and Iceland, with a trip to Greenland already planned for 2018!

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