Gladys and Richard’s wedding ~ Isle of Harris

I photographed a somewhat unconventional, but absolutely lovely, wedding today. Gladys and Richard contacted me just a few weeks ago to say they were eloping to the Isle of Harris and would I take some photographs of their very small ceremony and some couple photographs afterwards. It sounded like a lot of fun, so of course I said yes.

Gladys and Richard were staying at the Blue Reef Cottages in Scarista, and that’s where the ceremony was held. With just the couple, the celebrant and two witnesses in attendance it was a very intimate ceremony, with a handfasting, lovely words and a few tears. Just lovely.

After the ceremony we took some photographs outside the cottage, then headed to Luskentyre beach for more photographs. Considering it was the second day of January we really lucked out with the weather; there were dramatic clouds, rainbows and bursts of sunshine.

A lovely day all round, with some beautiful backdrops for the photographs. Gladys and Richard returned home a week later to break the news of their marriage to family and friends!

Gladys and Richard

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