Iceland ~ Plan B!

When I wrote last week about my plans for my trip to Iceland, and how those plans would probably change a wee bit once I got there, I really didn’t expect them to have to change so drastically before I’ve even set off!

Last week, the south east of Iceland was hit by torrential rain, causing rivers to swell and bringing major flooding. This has caused some damage to the ring road, but crucially to the Steinavötn bridge on the ring road (just east of Jökulsárlón), which is that badly damaged that it needs to be replaced. A temporary bridge is going to be built, but that’s going to take at least a week, which takes it to just about the time I’d be passing. That’s a week if all goes to plan. So I’m not counting on being able to get through. There is no other route around, other than going the opposite direction on the ring road, which would essentially mean I’d be driving the ring road twice in a week, which is just not doable; once was going to be a push!

ring road
The very flooded ring road. Photographs from Iceland Magazine.

So I now have a plan B, which is just to explore the south and west in detail. Plan A is still on hold though, on the very small chance the bridge is ready by then, but I’m not holding out much hope. The yellow star on the map is where the road is closed.

Plan B – better than nothing, but it’s not the ring road!

Plan B means I’ll miss some of the places I really wanted to go (Stokksnes being a main one, and frustratingly only a few miles east of the closure), but there’s really not much I can do (and it means I’ll just have to go back again another time to do those!).

‘Stokksnes Sands’ – Vestrahorn, Iceland by Kris Williams. Licenced under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

So, I’m going to head east on Tuesday and see what the situation is once I get near to the closure on Friday. This trip is an adventure already, and I’ve not even started it yet!

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