A sky full of light

Last night I was lucky enough to witness one of the brightest displays of the aurora borealis I’ve ever seen, right from my back garden!

There had been activity since it had gone dark, but I was struggling with the cloud, and the few photographs I took were nothing special. I went back outside at around 22:30 when I noticed it was looking quite bright, and within a minute or two the sky went absolutely crazy!

It’s rare that the view by eye is just as good as on camera, but this was one of those occasions. The aurora was bright green to the naked eye, with huge pulsing columns and some purple/red just visible as well. It danced across the sky for a couple of minutes, it was amazing, and gave me shivers down my spine! Even the bright moon couldn’t drown out the display.

I was lucky, it only lasted a few minutes, and I just happened to be outside at the right time. It’s moments like these that really make me appreciate where I live.



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