A winter’s day in Lewis and Harris

I’ve not managed to get out for a landscape photography day for a while, so yesterday I took a much needed and long overdue trip out! It was the perfect day for it as well, with snow and sunshine in equal measure.

I decided to head down to Harris, but couldn’t help but stop for photo opportunities on the way down through Lewis. My first call was the fishing hut in Kinloch. I’d actually planned on a quick stop to take a photograph from the road, but when I got out of the car into the perfect, deep snow, I couldn’t resist walking down over the bridge to the icy lochside and the hut. I was lovely down there, so I’m glad I took the time. Lewis1I drove over the Clisham road, stopping near the top for some photographs and to enjoy the fresh snow. I walked up the path a short way, but I wasn’t kitted out to go too far. Still,  it was fun to have a walk in proper snow, not something I get to do very often.H0282

Descending the Clisham on the south side, I was surprised to see there was very little snow at sea level on Harris, much less than on Lewis anyway, but at least it made for easier driving. Next stop was Seilebost beach, where the dunes were still frozen, but the sun had some warmth in it. So I had a long walk out to the sea and along the tide line. The snow was falling over the hills in the distance, making for a dramatic skyline.Harris1

Back on the road, I stopped above Seilebost beach for the classic view of Luskentyre and the hills beyond.H0293

I also stopped at Borve beach for another short walk, before heading back north.Harris2

There was just time to visit a very frozen Lukentyre beach for the sunset, perfectly timed for the gorgeous golden hour light, and the perfect end to a great day of photography. Harris3

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