Francesca and Luigi ~ Callanish Stones

This evening saw me at the Callanish Stones, doing a photoshoot with Francesca and Luigi, from Italy.  They have Scottish heritage, and were in the country for their clan gathering in the highlands. They wanted some "epic photographs" at the Callanish Stones, but realised we might not get perfect conditions. We were keeping an eye … Continue reading Francesca and Luigi ~ Callanish Stones

Eilean Dorcha Festival 2017

I randomly, and at the very last minute, got offered a job as the official photographer for the Eilean Dorcha Festival, on the Isle of Benbecula. It's the sort of thing I couldn't refuse, especially as one of my favourite bands, Hunter and the Bear, were playing, so of course I accepted! I headed down … Continue reading Eilean Dorcha Festival 2017

Vallay Island, North Uist

I've been hoping to get out to Vallay (Scottish Gaelic: Bhàlaigh), a now uninhabited tidal island located just off North Uist, for some time. But as access is only possible at low tide I'd never timed it right, or the weather wasn't good enough, until today. The tide was low and the weather forecast was … Continue reading Vallay Island, North Uist

A couple of days in Barra and the Uists

When I went to photograph Shona and Colin's wedding in Barra, I made sure to plan in a day either side where I could do some landscape photography. It didn't give me a huge amount of time, but enough for a visits to a few different locations, including a visit to Valley Island. Here're some photographs … Continue reading A couple of days in Barra and the Uists

Shona and Colin’s wedding ~ Isle of Barra

When Shona and Colin contacted me, asking if I would travel to Barra to photograph their wedding, I immediately said yes; I love Barra, so I was more than happy to travel down. I set off early the day before the wedding and spent some time taking landscape photographs of Eriskay and Barra before heading to … Continue reading Shona and Colin’s wedding ~ Isle of Barra